Client Testimonials -

Client Testimonials

PSYMED Solutions believes in giving the best care to our patients.The focus is best practices to influence better outcomes. Any company or physician practice needs good legal advice to reach those goals. Mr. Grass and his legal team have provided real time solutions to us in the last 8 years. Our company is growing at a fast pace. We have had legal challenges which has been negotiated by Mr. Grass. What has been the standard of care 5-6 years ago is not the standard of care any more. Physician practices need to keep up with ever changing policies and procedures as they should. Mr. Grass and his team are able to provide us support. We have successfully negotiated legal threats made by patients and disgruntled staff. Mr. Grass is responsive and tactful in dealing with those issues. He has helped deal with patient complaints to the TMB. There seems to be no OMBUDSMAN to deal with patient grievance. Patients have no choice to vent their grievance but call TMB. Unfortunately, this has potential serious implications to a physician without sound advice. Not only that, the emotional distress one endures is indescribable. It is therefore very important to have good legal support. I strongly recommend Mr.Grass for any TMB or legal issues. – PYSMED Solutions

My name is Olivia. I am an African American, military trained, Licensed Practical Nurse. I have been employed, as an L.P.N. over 18 years, in the Critical and Acute Care Environment(s). As all nurses know, at times, we can be put in precarious situations. I live in Arizona and hold a license from another Compact State. I was put in one of those situations. It was imperative that I obtain sound and competent Legal Counsel. I found all that, and more, in Mr. Jeffery Grass! His contact information was obtained via his website. I emailed him about my problem and he immediately contacted me. Mr. Grass listened to my situation and immediately took action. He was VERY knowledgeable, straightforward, honest, aggressive and ENCOURAGING. If you are a practicing medical professional in need of aggressive, knowledgeable and honest legal representation, I HIGHLY recommend Attorney Jeffery C. Grass. Mr. Grass, words cannot even begin to express my appreciation for all that you have done and are doing. – Olivia

As my attorney Jeff Grass literally turned the light back on in my career! I can still scarcely believe how Jeff Grass were able to cancel the NPDB report and change my reference at the job of my incident into a favorable comment. I would highly recommend Jeff Grass to any of my colleagues out there that have also experienced serious ramifications to their career as the result of a publicized report written and reported through an employer, co-worker, peer and so on. I have been looking for an attorney for years that handles these matters. Jeff Grass was and is the first and only attorney I found specializing in this field. During those years I was not too hopeful as the NPDB ?rules? of reporting and removing reports is ?grim.? They would have you believe it will never come off. – Deborah

I highly recommend Jeffrey Grass if you are dealing with Texas Medical Board. Initially I was very worried and confused with language used by the TMB. However, once I contacted Mr Grass, he guided me through the whole process. I did not have to contact TMB anymore as he took care of everything. He periodically kept me informed about the investigation during the long tedious process of TMB and always provided me very valuable advice of what to expect. Before the ISC meeting in Austin, I was so nervous. Jeffrey Grass met me early in the morning of ISC meeting and went over the process again and calmed my nerves. During the ISC meeting I was very confident and the meeting went well. I received a better result than I expected. From what I learned that when it comes to TMB you need a lawyer on you side and there no one better than J. Grass. Mr. Grass has experience with TMB which was very much evident during my whole process. Everybody seemed to know Mr Grass at TMB. Lastly Mr. Grass also helped me with other State Licensees also. Thank You J. Grass! – M. Hyder

I want to share my nightmare with you. I was wrongfully accused of disruptive behavior and that my behavior may cause a patient harm. The only thing I was guilty of was concern for my patient. The argument is that I disagreed with the medical advice of a podiatrist. I stated that the patient would loose his leg if he did not get cardiovascular consult and i did request a CV consultation.The podiatrist got upset because she was going to loose performing surgery on the patient. She then took the case to the executive committee where she has friends and coworkers their to defend her. She then reported me to the Texas State Board. The state board did not find ANY wrong doing with my medical management.The medical executive committee and the hospital both ignored the state board and proceeded to and outside source for review. They decided I needed to have a psychological evaluation. I constantly received letters making me aware that they would be interrupting my work schedule. Ridiculous meetings that could not be postponed but administration did nothing except to advise me to do what they requested. After sharing this with you, it’s ridiculous and scary to know that the MEC can even ignore the state board and proceed as far as they want to take each case. So we are at their mercy. If it had not been for Mr. Grass I don’t know where I would be now, probably tarred and feathered. If you are experiencing any issues please seek the professional advice of Mr. Grass. After speaking with him you feel confident that you can continue working and he will take care of the rest. He is always accessible and returns calls. – S. Zamora

The Texas Medical Board could very well pass as the most unfriendly Physician board in the US. So when you have a case with the board it is always advisable to go with an attorney who knows not just the rudiments of the Law but also the way the TMB works. In handling my problem with the Licensing Committee of the TMB, Mr Grass not only foretold the probable outcome of the case, he also built confidence in me as well as guided my defense professionally. I am happy with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend the Law Office of Mr Jeffery Grass to anyone in trouble especially with the Texas Medical Board. – Ukana B.

There once was a time when it was considered human to make a mistake. Even doctors made mistakes and could admit it, without fear of losing their patients or their often lifelong dedication and devotion to the practice of medicine. Mr. Grass understands what we in the medical profession go through to earn our licenses to practice; his father was a physician. Perhaps even more important though, Mr. Grass understands that anyone who is human can, and will at some point, make a mistake. I did, and fortunately for me Jeffrey Grass was there to literally lift me up to the realization that I can go on and continue with my lifelong dream. I would not trust anyone else to represent me. – Michael A.

Life is struggle. Medical boards can be draconian – unfeeling, uncaring, unknowing, ensconced in ivory towers with their ideas of “the way things ought to be”. Bureaucrats and technocrats in all those acronymic agencies or hospitals LIKE having power over our lives. Sometimes “stuff happens”, somebody has a bad outcome, and their families feel the need to blame someone else. Clerks can make simple mistakes that have profound implications on our lives. Some people are just greedy, and vicious as well. Life may be struggle. Life may be difficult, especially for those of us who are actually out there in the trenches, doing our best to help others, not realizing that there are snakes and ditches out there just waiting for us to wander by, especially those of us who have no idea of what to do after we fall in one of those ditches or get bitten by the snakes. Jeff Grass DOES know what to do. He has helped me immeasurably with my struggles and difficulties. He has helped both my wife and me not just with our legal problems but with our fears and anxieties with good advice, good direction, and good actions. He is not just a Marine, he is more like a Marine sniper who knows just where to place his shots to work miracles. Not only that, he is available. And you get his attention when you need it, not when it’s merely convenient. Got a problem with, well, just about anything? Why go anywhere else? Call Jeff Grass – he will “git ‘er done”. – Robert W.

There are multiple reasons to count on a good lawyer during our lifetime. For physicians this principle applies not only professionally but also personally. I want to mention your eventual experience with Mr. Jeff Grass, attorney at law. He is quick in revising your concerns regarding hospital administration abuse of physicians, tyranny of peer review committees, frivolity of malpractice law suits and frequent violation of our constitutional rights, not only as doctors but also as citizens. He is a well informed counsel who has a strong military education and experience which helps a great deal to avoid distractions or manipulations of your attackers. He is assertive and brilliant regarding his responses to your detractors. Mr. Grass will give you a straight answer. I highly recommend his law office to defend your constitutional rights that so frequently are violated by patients, lawyers, hospitals, medical boards and the government. Yes, doctors need a good lawyer at their side. – Mauricio G.

Jeffrey Grass provided great insight into legal matters that physicians encounter regarding hospital politics and patient care. He was essential in protecting my interests as a new physician starting a practice in a high risk environment. I am grateful to him for protecting me and everything I worked so hard to achieve. – Miranda R.

Mr. Jeffrey Grass represented a large group of physicians in South Texas. I commend him for being on the side of the physicians and the community. He was able to get us support from various medical societies and others. He was very thorough and communicated the progress well to us. I highly recommend him as an attorney of integrity. – Murthy B.

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