Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) Defense Lawyers

HIPDB Defense Lawyers

Reports with the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank (HIPDB) can have a significant and very negative impact on your career as a medical professional. You could face the loss of your license, loss of certifications and the loss of employment opportunities since virtually all hospitals, clinics, and state licensing boards perform an HIPDB search prior to making a job offer or granting a license.

So if you’re a medical professional who’s facing a negative report with the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank, it’s vital that you trust your case to an experienced attorney who can present an aggressive data bank report defense strategy.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, our HIPDB defense lawyers are committed to helping clients across the United States. We can also represent you in other matters, such as NPDB defense, State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) defense and beyond.

Some issues arise as the result of a baseless allegation, while others arise following a misunderstanding or even as the result of a professional disagreement. Even the best, most well-respected medical professionals can find themselves in a bad situation, so it’s vital that you protect your career, your license and your future with help from a qualified HIPDB defense attorney with the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass.

Our law firm will leverage decades of experience and our highly refined strategies to bring about the best possible case resolution for you, our client. We have been successful in getting many HIPDB reports modified in your favor or voided.

If you need help from an HIPDB defense lawyer, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass to request a fully confidential, no-cost consultation session. Call (469) 291-0940.

Our NPDB Defense Lawyers Work With Medical Professionals Across The United States

Medical professionals spend many years getting an education, and many devote their entire lives to helping others; this can make an HIPDB report even more distressing as it may threaten all that you’ve worked hard to achieve over the years.

Our clients frequently come to us with lots of questions and concerns. The following is a look at a few of the most common inquiries that we discuss with our clients.

What is the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank and How Does It Impact My Career?

The HIPDB was established in 1996 as part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. In 2013, the HIPDB was merged with National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).

The HIPDB includes information on a range of healthcare providers from nurses and nurse practitioners to mental health professionals, pharmacists, and optometrists, amongst others.

The HIPDB collects reports on a range of different matters, including civil actions, criminal cases and administrative actions involving medical professionals, suppliers, and practitioners. This includes cases involving a reprimand, censure, probation, suspension or revocation of a license or privileges.

HIPDB Defense LawyersFederal and state licensing boards, certification boards and some professional organizations consult the HIPDB prior to issuing a license, certification, membership or other privileges, such as hospital privileges. Prospective employers, such as a hospital, have the ability to query the HIPDB, resulting in problems if you have negative reports listed.

The information contained within the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank is not available to the public, but the healthcare community does maintain access. So anyone with adverse reports can suffer professional consequences, particularly when they attempt to renew a license, obtain a new license in a different state or gain other professional privileges.

Adverse action reports must be issued to HIPDB within 30 days of the date the final adverse action was taken, within 30 days of the date when the reporting entity became aware of the final action, or by the close of the entity’s next monthly reporting cycle.

How Can an HIPDB Defense Lawyer Help?

An HIPDB defense attorney, such as those here at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, can take measures to get any adverse HIPDB reports modified in a favorable manner or voided entirely.

In fact, many professionals are shocked to learn that information may be listed with the HIPDB, even in cases where allegations were never proven or founded.

Our legal team has assisted many medical professionals in successfully getting damaging HIPDB reports voided or modified by the reporting hospital or by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

In cases where you are in danger of having a damaging report submitted to the HIPDB, our attorneys can take aggressive action to resolve the matter and avoid having the negative information listed.

Our Lawyers Will Offer an Aggressive, Strategic Defense

HIPDB Defense LawyersThe damaging nature of an HIPDB report cannot be understated, so it’s vital that medical professionals take prompt action to address this issue. The sooner you seek help from an attorney, the better your chances of seeing a positive resolution to the situation.

Our HIPDB defense lawyers will strive to get your report modified or voided, thereby limiting or eliminating any adverse impact on you and your career in the medical profession.

Based in Plano, the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass were founded by Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass, who has more than 20 years of law experience. A former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate (JAG), Attorney Grass has received an AV® Preeminent Peer Review Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®. He is also a member of the Health Law Section of the Texas State Bar.

Your HIPDB defense lawyer could be the last person standing between you and serious damage to your career, so it is essential that you trust your case to an experienced professional. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, our legal team has earned a reputation as some of the most well-respected medical licensing and HIPDB attorneys in the region.

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I highly recommend Jeffrey Grass if you are dealing with Texas Medical Board. Initially I was very worried and confused with language used by the TMB. However, once I contacted Mr Grass, he guided me through the whole process. I did not have to contact TMB anymore as he took care of everything. He periodically kept me informed about the investigation during the long tedious process of TMB and always provided me very valuable advice of what to expect. Before the ISC meeting in Austin, I was so nervous. Jeffrey Grass met me early in the morning of ISC meeting and went over the process again and calmed my nerves. During the ISC meeting I was very confident and the meeting went well. I received a better result than I expected. From what I learned that when it comes to TMB you need a lawyer on you side and there no one better than J. Grass. Mr. Grass has experience with TMB which was very much evident during my whole process. Everybody seemed to know Mr Grass at TMB. Lastly Mr. Grass also helped me with other State Licensees also. Thank You J. Grass!

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