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Everyone knows that nurses spend years in the classroom to earn a nursing license. What everyone may not know is that nursing is also a lifelong learning process thanks to the ever-advancing nature of science and medicine. Nurses invest their lives in helping others, so when legal trouble arises, the impact can be devastating. An investigation may be launched as the result of phony or exaggerated accusations or even personality conflicts. In many cases, these accusations and conflicts can become illegitimate complaints filed with the Texas Board of Nursing, unjustly threatening a hardworking nurse’s otherwise outstanding career.

The Texas Nursing Practice Act authorizes the Texas Board of Nursing (TBN) to protect the people of Texas by ensuring that anyone who holds a nursing license in our state is competent to practice nursing. The TBN regulates the practice of nursing in Texas and certifies nursing education programs. When it receives a complaint against a nurse, the Texas Board of Nursing provides notification to the nurse regarding the investigation and allegations unless notification would impair the Board’s investigation. The nurse is allowed to respond to the allegations and to demonstrate compliance with the Nursing Practice Act to retain the license.


If you are a nurse in the United States – and you are notified by the Nursing Board that allegations have been made against you and that an investigation is being launched, contact nursing license defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass immediately. You’ll need a nursing license defense attorney’s help to respond to the charges and to demonstrate your compliance. Too much is at risk for you to go it alone. The experienced medical defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass are dedicated to defending Texas nurses and other medical professionals in this state whose licenses are at risk.

A swift response to a Notice of Investigation from the Texas Board of Nursing is imperative. Obtaining legal counsel as early as possible is equally imperative if your nursing license is at risk. Should you ignore the notification and fail to make a response, the TBN will automatically initiate an investigation. The Board of Nursing will gather evidence, question witnesses, and then review the case to determine whether or not to close the matter. If the matter is not closed, the Texas Board of Nursing will then schedule and conduct an informal conference.


At an informal conference, representatives of the Texas Board of Nursing meet with the nurse and the nurse’s attorney. Evidence is presented, and the nurse and his or her counsel will have an opportunity to respond to the allegations. Representation by a nursing license defense attorney with Board of Nursing experience is critical, and your attorney will prepare you for the informal conference. At the informal conference’s conclusion, the nurse is told the recommended disposition of the case.

If the Texas Board of Nursing decides that the nurse should be disciplined, the penalties may include a warning, reprimand, fines, and/or temporary restrictions on the license. The Board of Nursing may also revoke or suspend the license. All disciplinary actions taken by the Board of Nursing become public information and also become a permanent part of the nurse’s licensure record.

If the nurse agrees with the Texas Board of Nursing’s disciplinary order, he or she must sign the order before a notary and return it to the TBN. If the nurse does not wish to sign the proposed order, or if the Board is unable to contact the nurse, the formal changes will be filed by the Board. A public disciplinary hearing that will be held in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will be scheduled. The Board’s staff presents the proof against the nurse, and the nurse and his or her attorney may present their side pertaining to the case. The ALJ then renders a Proposal For Decision and submits it to the Texas Board of Nursing.

Based on the Proposal For Decision, the Board of Nursing may impose a penalty, a license suspension, a license revocation, or the Board may find that no violation has occurred and thus close the case with no action. Unfortunately, even the best and most experienced nurses may be the targets of false allegations that put your nursing license and career at risk. Nursing license defense attorney Jeffrey C. Grass can develop a defense strategy on your behalf that maximizes the likelihood of a positive outcome.


Even the very finest nurses can face serious legal troubles and genuine threats to the nursing license, but our team of experienced Texas medical attorneys knows what it takes to prevail on your behalf. Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass has considerable experience with the Texas Board of Nursing and knows how the Board operates. If you are at any stage of the legal process with the Texas Board of Nursing, promptly contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass.

Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass, a former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG), has more than twenty years of legal experience and a record of successfully defending medical professionals. He is a member of the Health Law Section of the Texas State Bar, and he is ready and able to assist medical professionals with whatever legal troubles may arise in their careers. Medical and nursing license cases can be quite complicated and detailed, but Attorney Jeffrey C. Grass and his law firm rely upon his extensive experience and develops a legal strategy to bring even the most complex cases to the best possible conclusion.

Our attorneys fully understand that nurses work hard and do not become wealthy. We understand how much of an impact nurses have on so many lives. That debt can never be repaid. To that end, we will strive to provide legal representation that is affordable as well as effective, because a nurse must have a nursing license defense attorney’s help whenever there is the possibility of reprimand, probation, suspension, or a revocation of your professional license. If you are a nurse anywhere in the United States and you are notified by the Nursing Board that allegations have been made against you, the reliable legal assistance you need is here at the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass. Reach us by calling (469) 291-0940 or (214) 216-6714.

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