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Mauricio G.

There are multiple reasons to count on a good lawyer during our lifetime. For physicians this principle applies not only professionally but also personally. I want to mention your eventual experience with Mr. Jeff Grass, attorney at law. He is quick in revising your concerns regarding hospital administration abuse of physicians, tyranny of peer review committees, frivolity of malpractice law suits and frequent violation of our constitutional rights, not only as doctors but also as citizens. He is a well informed counsel who has a strong military education and experience which helps a great deal to avoid distractions or manipulations of your attackers. He is assertive and brilliant regarding his responses to your detractors. Mr. Grass will give you a straight answer. I highly recommend his law office to defend your constitutional rights that so frequently are violated by patients, lawyers, hospitals, medical boards and the government. Yes, doctors need a good lawyer at their side.

By jordan