Robert W. -

Robert W.

Life is struggle. Medical boards can be draconian – unfeeling, uncaring, unknowing, ensconced in ivory towers with their ideas of “the way things ought to be”. Bureaucrats and technocrats in all those acronymic agencies or hospitals LIKE having power over our lives. Sometimes “stuff happens”, somebody has a bad outcome, and their families feel the need to blame someone else. Clerks can make simple mistakes that have profound implications on our lives. Some people are just greedy, and vicious as well. Life may be struggle. Life may be difficult, especially for those of us who are actually out there in the trenches, doing our best to help others, not realizing that there are snakes and ditches out there just waiting for us to wander by, especially those of us who have no idea of what to do after we fall in one of those ditches or get bitten by the snakes. Jeff Grass DOES know what to do. He has helped me immeasurably with my struggles and difficulties. He has helped both my wife and me not just with our legal problems but with our fears and anxieties with good advice, good direction, and good actions. He is not just a Marine, he is more like a Marine sniper who knows just where to place his shots to work miracles. Not only that, he is available. And you get his attention when you need it, not when it’s merely convenient. Got a problem with, well, just about anything? Why go anywhere else? Call Jeff Grass – he will “git ‘er done”.

By jordan