S. Zamora -

S. Zamora

I want to share my nightmare with you. I was wrongfully accused of disruptive behavior and that my behavior may cause a patient harm. The only thing I was guilty of was concern for my patient. The argument is that I disagreed with the medical advice of a podiatrist. I stated that the patient would loose his leg if he did not get cardiovascular consult and i did request a CV consultation.The podiatrist got upset because she was going to loose performing surgery on the patient. She then took the case to the executive committee where she has friends and coworkers their to defend her. She then reported me to the Texas State Board. The state board did not find ANY wrong doing with my medical management.The medical executive committee and the hospital both ignored the state board and proceeded to and outside source for review. They decided I needed to have a psychological evaluation. I constantly received letters making me aware that they would be interrupting my work schedule. Ridiculous meetings that could not be postponed but administration did nothing except to advise me to do what they requested. After sharing this with you, it’s ridiculous and scary to know that the MEC can even ignore the state board and proceed as far as they want to take each case. So we are at their mercy. If it had not been for Mr. Grass I don’t know where I would be now, probably tarred and feathered. If you are experiencing any issues please seek the professional advice of Mr. Grass. After speaking with him you feel confident that you can continue working and he will take care of the rest. He is always accessible and returns calls.

By jordan